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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Through Coating Thickness Gauge TG4000, ultrasonic thickness gauge, thickness tester Echo-echo

The HUATEC TG4000 is a simple to use, highly accurate, hand-held Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with the ability to measure through paint and/or coatings. Utilizing it’s state of the art microprocessor and ultrasonic technology the HUATEC TG4000 offers you many outstanding features such as quick scan, extended memory and output. You can now test painted tanks, pipes, etc., without the need to remove the paint or make corrections for the paint thickness. It features reliable and stable readings, standard or dual element measuring modes, convenient data display (in both millimeters and inches),high resolution .01” (0.1mm), ease of operation, low power consumption(two AA batteries). These features make HUATEC TG4000 unequalled in its performance as well as its value!

Pocket new model Coating Thickness Gauge TG1920 with Three Keys

Digital coating thickness gauge is using the magnetism and backset measuring thickness method .It can measure the thickness of the magnetism metal substrate (such as steel, iron, alloy and rigid magnetism steel and etc), non-magnetism cover layer (such as aluminum, chrome, copper, enamel, rubber, oil paint and etc) and non-magnetism metal substrate (such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin and etc) and non-transmitting electricity cover layer (such as enamel, rubber, oil paint, plastic and etc). This instrument has small error of measure, excellent performance and good stability, easy operation and other characteristics, is a necessary measure instrument to control and guarantee the product quality, can be widely applied to manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, merchandise test fields.

Coating Thickness Gauge

Surface Roughness Tester

Surface Roughness Tester SRT-5100

* This Digital Surface Profile Gauge is a handheld gauge for fast and accurate measurement of the peak-to-valley height of the surface profile of blast cleaned surfaces.
* It meets the standards of ASTM D 4417-B, IMO MSC.215(82), SANS 5772, US Navy NSI 009-32, US Navy PPI 63101-000. Suitable for the laboratory and for use in harsh field conditions. Accurate, immediate and repeatable results.
* The tungsten carbide tip will last for up to 20, 000 readings and can then be easily replaced by the user in the field.
* Cost per test is significantly lower than other test methods.
* Used the exclusive Micro -computer LSI circuit and crystal time base to offer high accuracy measurement.
* Can communicate with PC for recording, printing and analyzing by the optional software and cable for RS232 interface. USB adaptor and Bluetooth interface can also be used.
* Automatic power off to conserve power.

High Precision Hardness Testing Machine RHL160 With 3 Inch LCD Or LED Display

3 inch LCD,or LED display
Wide measuring range. Based on the principle of Leeb hardness testing theory. It can measure the Leeb hardness of all metallic materials.
Large screen(128×64 dot matrix LCD), showing all functions and parameters.
Test at any angle, even upside down.
Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL.
Seven impact devices are available for special application. Automatically identify the type of impact devices.
Large capacity memory could store 500 groups (Relative to average times32~1 ) information including single measured value, mean value, testing date, impact direction, impact times, material and hardness scale etc.
Upper and lower limit can be preset. It will alarm automatically when the result value exceeding the limit.
Battery information indicates the rest capacity of the battery and the charge status.

Hardness Tester